For decades oceanography surveys were revealing data that do not fit with the actual Plate Tectonics theory (PTT). Many students of geology are not aware of these facts thinking that the PTT can explain well the geology of our planet. Some universities depart themselves from this sort of dogmatism.


FZs continues into the continental crust. So, the ocean crust is not not younger than the Precambrian basement of the continents. After Neev and Hall, 2000


Barosh Gravimetric Map

In the are 370 and 450 30’ N and 19-350 W, an area greater than 800,000 km2, thousands of outcrops of Proterozoic and Paleozoic rocks appear to be present. Many granite block were found by dredge haul.

Bald Mountain 13 km long, 80 km3 is granitic & silicic metamorphic rock radiometric dates 1,550 to 1,690 Ma. (Aumento and Lancarevic, 1969)

North of Azores Ridge, Paleozoic sediments contain fossil of Triarthus spinosus trilobite and Climacograptus typicalis graptolite, both are North American taxa.