Geodoxa aims to train the next generation to scientific controversies related to the natural history of our planet. These controversies are often ignored for the following reasons:


  • Sometimes a paradox seems to be unsolvable.
  • Some geological phenomena run up against our current paradigms.
  • - Sometimes the new generation ignores a controversy obscured by the dogmatism of the current theory.
  • - The educational establishment is not training geo students to understand these issues.


Geodoxa was born from a desire on the part of scientists from different backgrounds: government services, universities, private sectors (mining, oil, geotechnic...) or research institutes (oceanographic...).


Geodoxa has therefore set the goal to give back the colloquium these controversies deserve.

To achieve this goal, Geodoxa produced videos with the collaboration of geologists, geographers and palaeontologists to bring new light to the mysteries of the earth. Geodoxa aspires also to be an open source platform to any guest who want to collaborate. In other words, for all theories, both antagonists and protagonists are welcome. Sometimes we redirect the reader to popular texts or academic papers published by the team of Geodoxa or its colleague.


The term 'Geodoxa'


In archaic Greece doxa simply means a consensus from a popular opinion. With the advent of modern science, sociologists have redefined the word doxa; so it is up to our readers to check for its new definition. Here the term geo - doxa may indicate both the positive and the negative aspect of intuitive thinking which is somehow a characteristic of earth science. Remember that earth science is historical so its paradigms are often not demonstrable in laboratory.